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Ideas for successful in-class presentations

Ideas for successful in-class presentations

Throughout the semester, students may be presenting materials or projects in class. To help facilitate this activity, here are some pointers that may help the technology run smoothly and efficiently.


Organize the presentations ahead of time and designate one laptop to use for each session. You will save valuable class time using the installed computer rather than having each student bring their own.

If your students are using a Mac to present from, they must use the VGA adapter appropriate for their particular laptop. ,


Arrange a time before the class to test the computer or laptop connection and the presentation from the laptop that will be used. If non-standard fonts or embedded video are used, they will need to be transferred or included with the presentation.

All of the above tips can help your student presentations work seamlessly, saving class time and frustration. Of course, if you do run into problems using the technology, MTSS is here to help.

Contact the TCNJ Help Desk for immediate support at (609) 771-2660