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Apple TV Instructions

Apple TV enables users to display presentations from an iPad, iPhone, or Apple computer without wires. If your space is equipped with an AppleTV, the Crestron Control System in your room that controls the A/V system should have a source button labeled “AppleTV”. Selecting this source should then show the AppleTV on the projector or large screen display in the room. On the room are instructions on how to connect your device wirelessly via AirPlay to the system. Once you select the correct AppleTV in your device, a 4-Digit security code will show on the projector or display. Once you enter that code on your device, your should then see your Apple device’s screen mirrored on the projector.

How to use AppleTV at TCNJ

Detailed instructions are available here:

Instruction For Apple TV AirPlay

Where can I find AppleTV on campus?

MTSS is rapidly rolling out AppleTV devices to most classroom spaces. As of February 15, 2019, most media equipped rooms in The Social Sciences Building, School of Business Building, Bliss Hall, The Art & IMM Building, Forcina Hall, Roscoe West, and many spaces in The Science Complex and STEM Building are equipped with AppleTV’s. For a full list of AppleTV locations, updated regularly, please visit this link:

Bring Your Own Device – Public

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If you have questions about Apple TV in general purpose classrooms, please contact the Media & Technology Support Services at 609-771-2006 or