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BluRay Player


Blu-Ray Disc

BluRay is an optical disc, similar to a CD or DVD. The Blu-Ray disc format was designed as a successor to the DVD format, because its increased capacity allowed for the storage and playback of high definition video.

Some facts about BluRay:

  • A Blu-Ray disc generally holds either 25 GB or 50 GB of Data (Compared to a DVD which generally holds 4.7 or 9 GB)
  • Movies encoded on BluRay are generally full high-definition (1080p resolution), but may also be 1080i or 720p, or even standard definition.
  • Blu-Ray discs are copy protected using a system called HDCP, which is why most Blu-Ray playback needs to be done over HDMI.
  • Blu-Ray players are backward-compatible and can play regular DVD movies and Audio CD’s