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Web Conferencing Locations

The following is a list of rooms on campus equipped with a large display, camera, and microphone for computer-based conferencing applications. This list is not inclusive of HyFlex equipped classrooms.

Should you require a loan of a webcam to use in another space, please contact Media & Technology Support Services for assistance.

Administrative Service 101 (Human Resources Conference Room)
Administrative Services (Campus Police Conference Room)

Armstrong 101B (Conference/Seminar Space)
Armstrong 165B (Conference/Seminar Space)
Armstrong 181C (Conference/Seminar Space)

Art & IMM 214 (Classroom)
Art & IMM 218 (Classroom)

Bliss 332 (Conference/Seminar Space)

Business 214 (Conference/Seminar Space)

Education 102 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Education 200 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Education 202F (Conference/Seminar Space)
Education 302F (Conference/Seminar Space)
Education 301N (Conference/Seminar Space)
Education 302F (Conference/Seminar Space)
Education 311H (Conference/Seminar Space)

Forcina 115 (TCNJ Clinic)

Green 1 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Green 116 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Green 204 (Conference/Seminar Space)

Kendall 224 (Conference/Seminar Space)

Roscoe West Hall 102 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Roscoe West Hall 115 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Roscoe West Hall 116 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Roscoe West Hall 202 (Conference/Seminar Space)

Social Sciences B07 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Social Sciences 206 (Conference/Seminar Space)
Social Sciences 234 (Conference/Seminar Space)

Library Deans Conference Room (Conference/Seminar Space)

Science C210 (Conference/Seminar Space)

STEM 210 (Conference/Seminar Space)
STEM 228 (Conference/Seminar Space)

Trenton 206 (Conference/Seminar Space)