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Google Meet

Google Meet is available to all users with TCNJ Google Apps access. It allows for immediate and scheduled video conferencing and screen sharing, and also includes support for a telephone bridge to allow participation via a standard telephone call. TCNJ Google Apps allows for meetings with up to 100 participants.

Meetings may be scheduled in advance via your TCNJ Google Calendar or started immediately at

How to create and schedule a Google Meet via your TCNJ Google Calendar:

How to create a Google Meet meeting via TCNJ Google Calendar

How to add video conferencing via Google Meet through an event in your TCNJ Google Calendar.

How to use Google Meet to record yourself and your screen to create a simple Training Video / Screencast:

How to use Google Meet’s Record Feature to make a screen recording

TCNJ MTSS – How to use Google Meet’s “record a meeting” feature to make a training video with your webcam / microphone and content on your computer screen. (…

Google Meet cheat sheet

1. Schedule or start a video meeting See other ways to start a video meeting . 2. Join a video meeting From Gmail : In the sidebar, click Join a meeting and enter a meeting code. From Calendar : Click the event, then click Join with Google Meet .

To make sure your event runs smoothly, make sure to check out these tips: